Friday, June 3, 2011

Budget Solving Values

I live in Minnesota and an advertisement started running that summarizes progressive thought perfectly:

I completely agree with the first statement in this ad: "How we solve our budget problem will say a lot about our values". Let’s give nothing up, expect all of the same benefits we received in good times, not pay more for them in difficult times, and expect to pass all of the cost onto others like the rich. If this sounds like a good plan, it says a lot about your values.

If you want to cut spending but are unwilling to cut programs that you like, than you are not serious about cutting spending.

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  1. The ad also says, "The Republicans are choosing to balance thebudget on the backs of the middle class".

    I wish! This is just not true. The Bush tax rate cuts took many poor people completely off the tax rolls and gave a larger percentage cut to most of the middle class. The result is that the middle class does not pay its fair share (nowhere near) and the poor does not feel any pain at all.

    If we are to raise tax rates, we should raise them slightly on the middle class and poor since frankly there are so many more of us. A flat tax would be best.